BOLD 3PL to Purchase Former Target Building for Additional Warehouse Space

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

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BOLD 3PL, a third-party logistics and distribution company headquartered in Hutchinson, announced today that it has purchased the former Target building, located at 1529 E. 17th Avenue, for additional warehousing space. 

Since 2012, BOLD has continued to grow in size and in the last five years has expended into five warehouses.  With the purchase of the former Target building, BOLD now has over 500,000 square feet of warehouse space, managing 15,000 skids of product for customers all over the world.

The business started in 2013 after L’Oréal purchased Hutchinson-based Peel’s Salon Services and moved operations from its former Hutchinson Distribution Center into a regional distribution center in Nebraska.  As a third-party distributor, BOLD 3PL receives and warehouses products and then distributes them as orders for the products come in.  With the site’s history as a hair and beauty product distributor to salons, the company continues to specialize in hair care items.

“Over the last 3 years our Greater Hutch economic development team has worked with the owners of this vacant space to repurpose it for a new use. BOLD 3PL has continued to grow and occupy various spaces in Hutchinson which allow them to make Hutchinson their base for warehouse and logistics well into the future. We’re pleased to see this take place as more proof that Hutchinson is an excellent location for distribution due to our central location, excellent highway connectivity and strong workforce.” said Debra Teufel, President & CEO of the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber.

At BOLD, they believe in sustainable warehousing, as well as creating the optimum work environment for their team to work in.  In addition to rooftop solar panels, they will also be installing “Eco-Lighting” and a new Airborne Disinfection System throughout the new facility.  Click here for more details on what the new warehouse will include.

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